The 10 Most Popular Oscar Winners for Best Picture, Ranked by IMDb

The 10 Most Popular Oscar Winners for Best Picture, Ranked by IMDb
Image credit: Legion-Media

The Oscars are like the biggest party in the movie world, where the best films get trophies since way back in 1929, and let's be honest, more people chat about this than almost any other movie award out there, except maybe the folks who are super into films and might lean more towards something fancy like the Cannes Film Festival.

Then, there's IMDb, which is like this giant online hangout where everyone goes to drop their two cents on movies, from the ones that make you laugh till it hurts to the ones that make you reach for a tissue box; it's the go-to spot for seeing what movies folks really like or don't.

So, why not mix the Oscars and IMDb together and see which of the Best Picture winners got the most thumbs-ups or stars or whatever you want to call it, by checking out how many people actually took the time to rate these movies?

We're talking about the winners that aren't just famous for snagging an Oscar but also got people hitting the "rate this" button like there's no tomorrow, lining them up from the ones with a bunch of ratings to the ones that practically everyone and their grandma has an opinion on.

This list is all about those Oscar winners that, for one reason or another, made everyone want to jump online and share their thoughts, making them the cool kids of the Best Picture winners, at least in the world of IMDb where everyone's a critic.