The Best of the Worst: 10 Movies with Oscar and Razzie Nods

The Best of the Worst: 10 Movies with Oscar and Razzie Nods
Image credit: Legion-Media

Some of the most critically acclaimed films that dominated the Oscars were nominated for Razzies first.

When it comes to movies, sometimes the ones that get people talking the most are the ones that critics can't agree on; these are the films that end up with both Oscar nominations, which are like gold stars for being among the best, and Razzie nods, which are more like a playful nudge for being not-so-great.

This odd mix shows us that making a movie people will remember can sometimes mean walking a fine line between what's considered brilliant and what's seen as a big miss.

There are movies out there that have managed to do just that, earning applause and eye-rolls at the same time; for example, some movies, like "Joker, " grab everyone's attention and keep fans talking and debating long after they've left the theater, while others, like "Con-Air," find a special place in people's hearts and become favorites despite, or maybe because of, their quirks and flaws.

This interesting blend of high praise and playful teasing from the Oscars and the Razzies highlights how diverse movie-making and movie-watching experiences can be; it's a reminder that sometimes the most memorable films are the ones that aren't afraid to be different, to mix things up, and to leave us with something to talk about.

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