The Biggest 'Stranger Things' Plot Hole That Just Doesn't Make Any Sense

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Popular shows like 'Stranger Things' always get dissected by fans and this often involves picking apart plot holes. 'Stranger Things' is no stranger to this (pun intended), and many die-hard fans spend hours scouring and commenting on fan threads about what's really going on.

One of the biggest plot holes discussed relates to the Demogorgon. This article will explore the inclusion of the Demogorgons in Stranger Things and what plot holes fans have discussed.

Demogorgons – a refresh

These predatory creatures originate from the Upside Down in Stranger Things and have appeared in the show since the very first season. The first Demogorgon was a humanoid monster that appeared in Hawkins in November 1983.

These violent, murderous creatures are assumed to obey the so-called Mind Flayer and their own intelligence is limited. Rather, they're a part of the Mind Flayer's hive mind.

Season one saw the Demogorgon appear in Hawkins via a gate that was opened by accident to the Upside Down. Though defeated and ultimately destroyed, the monster managed to inflict damage in the real world with Will Byers being the Mind Flayer's vessel that allowed him to unleash adolescent Demogorgons into the town.

The thing about the Demogorgon

The thing about the Demogorgon is that it's attracted to blood – even in small amounts.

Nancy's best friend, Barbara Holland, is killed by the Demogorgon after cutting her hand trying to open a beer and the blood trickling into the outdoor swimming pool. Barbara's death isn't confirmed until The Bathtub, the first season's penultimate episode, when Eleven goes to the Upside Down looking for both Barb and Will.

In another scene, two hunters called Dale and Henry succumb to the Demogorgon when out hunting and injuring a deer.

Then, after seeing Eleven kill some government agents whilst defending herself and her friends at Hawkins Middle School, we see that the Demogorgon is attracted to the spilled blood and breaks through the wall.

Finally, we see Jonathan and Nancy exploiting this attraction in order to ambush the creature.

So, what's the plot hole?

As we've mentioned above, Stranger Things makes light work of showing the Demogorgon to be attracted by blood – and even the smallest amounts. Yet, why doesn't Eleven's frequently dripping nose blood attract the creature? Many fans have discussed this plot hole online sharing that it makes no sense with the rest of the story.

Could the Demogorgon really have tracked down Barbara?

Throughout the first two Stranger Things seasons, there aren't that many instances of the Demogorgon tracking down people by blood in all the time the monster is on the loose. Is it realistic to think that the Demogorgon sensed Barbara from the small amount of blood dripping into a pool? Wouldn't the town of Hawkins with a population of perhaps 15,000 people have more instances of people cutting themselves in the few weeks the Demogorgon was around? Shaving cuts? Punches during fights? Young children falling off their bikes?

If Jonathan and Nancy managed to summon it with a slight cut to the hand, wouldn't we have heard of more instances and missing people in Hawkins? And what about Eleven? Why didn't her blood summon him?

Eleven and the Demogorgon

On the one hand, you've got a Demogorgon that can sniff out blood and smash walls and on the other, he's never interested in Eleven's blood dripping from her nose. Could it be that there simply isn't enough blood in Eleven's case? After all, she always manages to stop bleeding before it reaches her top lip. Whatever the reason, it's not a plot hole that stops the show from being enjoyable. And who knows, we might find out the reason one day!

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