The Book Was Better: 20 Adaptations That Shouldn't Have Been Made

The Book Was Better: 20 Adaptations That Shouldn't Have Been Made
Image credit: Sony Pictures, Netflix

Adapting a book to film is an extremely difficult thing to get right, because the language of literature allows writers to use their imagination freely, while film directors are bound by the limitations of the medium.

Nevertheless, Hollywood has seen countless great adaptations over the years, with some even surpassing the original books in quality. However, the same cannot be said for the 20 films listed below, none of which should have been made in the first place.

Surprisingly, most of the movies on this list were actually adaptations of fairly easy books - young adult novels are widely considered to be the easiest source material to turn into a movie, so the fact that writers and production crews managed to flop with such a solid array of books to work with was truly perplexing to fans.

All the producers had to do was hire the right writers, actors, and directors, but they failed miserably. Fans of the original novels hated the adaptations so much that almost none of them were able to break even, and those that did only did so because of the hate.

Adapting books is a risky business, and Hollywood producers shouldn't even consider it unless they're 100% sure they'll please both the authors and their fans.