'The Boys': Fans Rally for The Deep to Be Killed Off

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Looks like fans have already had enough of someone's twisted mind and octopus-related shenanigans.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'The Boys' episode 7

'The Boys' fans seem to be getting tired of The Deep to an extent that they won't be too sad if the showrunners decide to kill him off. In fact, it is almost a request, as many people took to Twitter after Friday's new episode, borderline demanding that 'The Boys' get rid of Chace Crawford's character.

This could not just pop out of nowhere, right? Of course it couldn't. Fans were triggered by yet another disgusting scene revolving around The Deep's disturbing fetish for sea creatures. This time, he offered his wife to have a threesome with an octopus.

And the fandom just said enough is enough.

It's not like 'The Boys' fans are some sort of prudes – if you watched at least one episode of this show you would know that's impossible – but it seems like there is nothing about Crawford's character that would make it make sense for him to remain alive.

"In other news… watched the latest episode of #TheBoys … can we kill off The Deep? His character is just seafood jokes and moving plot points." – @unofficialmango.

Others, on the contrary, demand justice for the superhero.

"Been watching The Boys. I don't like the way it treats Deep. Like anything bad that happens to him is comic relief; it's not okay that he's preyed upon, even if he's not a likeable character, even if he's not particularly smart. I hope the 3rd season reflects on this better," – @sevenhelz.

Just saying, but there is an epic finale looming, and 'The Boys' might as well make some fans' dream come true and kill The Deep in episode 8, which is due to be released on Prime Video next Friday.

Or it can be another deeply disturbing kinky octopus moment. With this show, you never know.

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