The Boys' Gen V Looks Like a Wild Mix Of These 4 Series (We're Not Sure It's Good)

The Boys' Gen V Looks Like a Wild Mix Of These 4 Series (We're Not Sure It's Good)
Image credit: Prime Video

Recently, we've been getting a lot of good spinoffs, such as House of the Dragon or Young Sheldon, but it doesn't mean The Boys' Gen V will follow the lead. Or it does.

As The Boys fans keep waiting for season 4 of Amazon's hit superhero satire, its universe continues to expand, this time with yet another spinoff, titled Gen V.

The new show, which focuses on America's only university for superheroes, has released its first trailer, and it looks like a lot of things squeezed into one universe. We're not exactly sure if we're skeptical or optimistic about it.

First of all, yes, it does look like an R-rated version of Sky High (hey, millennials, how's your adult life going on?). But it is also a mix of many other things, and even the show's creative team admits it.

Patrick Schwarzenegger, who portrays one of Gen V's main characters, Golden Boy, described the upcoming The Boys spinoff as “Euphoria meets superheroes.”

Do we want to see this meeting? Euphoria, while certainly being a cultural milestone, had plenty of its own problems; for instance, the first season of the HBO teen drama is quite challenging to watch if you're not used to male genitalia appearing on screen almost every minute.

That's not even everything the show's team has to say about it. The official description of Gen V says we're in for "part college show, part 'Hunger Games.'" Oh, may the odds be in our favor...

Besides, the trailer looks pretty Riverdale- ish, if you must, while the promised "heart, satire, and raunch of The Boys" is somewhere in the background. After all, Riverdale had also once started off as a detective teen show, only to turn itself into a supernatural- slash-superheroic extravaganza in the multiverse.

Still, one needs to keep in mind that this is only the first trailer, and most of the show's surprises are being kept under wraps — as they should be.

We have a little less than a month to fully prepare ourselves for the journey to Godolkin University, as Gen V hits Prime Video on September 29. Until then, feel free to binge the three seasons of The Boys on the platform.

Source: Variety