The Boys Mustn't Repeat This Horrendous Black Noir Mistake From Comics

The Boys Mustn't Repeat This Horrendous Black Noir Mistake From Comics
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Black Noir is not who you think he is.


  • Black Noir died in Season 3, but Eric Kripke teased his return, since anyone can hide under a black mask.
  • The trailer confirms the return of Black Noir, which means that Season 4 will probably follow the original comic storyline.
  • According to the comics, Black Noir is Homelander's clone, created to kill the strongest supe if he decided to turn against Vought.
  • It was Black Noir that became one of the catalysts for Homelander's turn to the dark side, while in the show, Noir initially had a completely new story, which calls into question the introduction of this twist so late in the series.

This article contains major spoilers for The Boys show and comic book.

In the final episode of The Boys Season 3, Homelander killed Black Noir. Soldier Boy turned out to be Homelander's father, which Black Noir knew very well, and the leader of the Seven could not forgive his companion for hiding the truth from him.

Black Noir Return Teased by The Boys' Director

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Black Noir is a nearly invulnerable supe who has survived many serious injuries. Fans hoped that even after Homelander's powerful blow, he managed to stay alive.

However, in an interview with Deadline, Eric Kripke confirmed that Black Noir died. But at the same time, the director added that in the new season, another superhero could become the new Black Noir:

“Here's what I'm going to say without spoiling anything, which is that this particular individual who is Black Noir is dead. His organs are all over the place, but when you have a completely silent, completely masked hero, they're relatively easy to recast.”

Vought's bosses have had to deal with a lot of scandals involving superheroes. They probably don't want the public to know more about the shocking history of the conflict between Homelander and Black Noir. It makes sense that Vought will try to quietly replace Black Noir with another Black Noir in The Boys Season 4.

Black Noir Will Likely Follow the Comic Book Storyline

The trailer for the fourth season of The Boys was recently released, confirming the theory that Black Noir will return, and it is obvious that, as Kripke has already told, this is another person (if he can be called a person at all) under the guise of Noir.

His reappearance could mean that the show is likely to use the story of this mysterious supe from the comics, and while sticking to the canon of the original is usually a good thing, in this case the twist could be controversial.

Black Noir Is Homelander’s Clone

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According to the plot of the comic, at some point Vought's management decided to play it safe and create a kind of insurance in case Homelander decided to go against the company and other supes. Thus was born Black Noir – a clone of the strongest man on the planet who's even more cuckoo.

You may be surprised, but at first Homelander really wanted to be a real superhero. He tried to do good, but over time he began to experience strange memory lapses.

From time to time, horrible details of the atrocities committed by the leader of the Seven would surface in the media. Once he went so crazy that he ate an entire family, including a child. He also raped Billy Butcher's wife, which became the catalyst for Billy and the Boys' further battle with the Seven.

When Homelander sees this, he finally decides to accept his psychopathic nature, even though it was Black Noir, not him, who committed all these deeds. When asked why he did this, Noir simply said that he was created and lived for one moment – to destroy Homelander whenever he crosses the line.

From this whole story, it is clear that if Black Noir was not the lever that turned Homelander to the dark side, then he was at least one of the main catalysts for it.

The clone theory is also supported by the fact that the trailer showed a jar with what looked like Homelander's blond hair. It's not yet known how the presence of a Homelander clone under Noir's mask will affect the plot, but let's hope the writers can work this storyline into the show as logically as possible.

Source: Deadline