'The Boys' S3: Reddit Theories Explain How Kimiko Can Survive Episode 4

'The Boys' S3: Reddit Theories Explain How Kimiko Can Survive Episode 4
Image credit: Legion-Media

It looks like Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy killed off a beloved character in the episode 4 finale, but some Reddit fans claim Kimiko might still be alive.

Amazon Prime's adult superhero series kicked off its third season with quite a splash: Russian mobsters, first-ever superheroes, and many other exciting developments were featured in the first couple of episodes. Ackles' Soldier Boy was by far the most anticipated new addition to 'The Boys ', and his proper appearance did not disappoint either – after finally escaping Russian captivity, he shot Kimiko with a deadly energy blast, leaving her badly disfigured. But, as many avid fans of the series were well aware, Kimiko has an incredibly fast regeneration ability that has saved her life more than once. So why is she presumed dead exactly?

The thing is that the Soldier Boy's energy projectiles have a very unpleasant side effect – they nullify other superheroes' powers. For example, Kimiko's regeneration was rendered useless after she was hit by the blast, causing her friends and fans to fear for her life. Although Kimiko was rushed to a nearby hospital, some fans already thought she was dead on arrival.

"Yeah, I thought they were both gonna die, but Kimiko dying would just be heartbreaking, I hope she doesn't but then again, this is The Boys...," – /elizabethbennetpp.

However, some fans are in no hurry to bury Kimiko that soon, arguing that the Russian version of a superhero serum called V-24 can somehow save her life.

"Seeing Hughie's broken cast highlighted that the V-24 has healing powers, so one small shot could reboot her powers. Guessing Red energy is like Red Sun energy and takes their powers away – so the V24 saves her life and she gets to live without them anymore," – /GamiCross.

Others refer to season 3 trailers, noting that some scenes involving Kimiko have not yet been released, confirming their speculation that she will survive the Soldier Boy's blast somehow.

"There also was a scene in the s3 trailer of kimiko attacking a bunch of armoured vought guards which could mean she gets her powers back later in the series," – /anto1991.

Fans will learn about Kimiko's fate when the fifth episode arrives on Amazon Prime on June 17.