'The Boys': Strongest Member of The Seven Might Not Be That Obvious

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Step aside, Homelander.

'The Boys' has made it explicitly clear that Homelander is de facto the strongest superhero not only in the Seven but generally among the characters who are presented in the show. However, his reign might be disputed by some fans who are willing to re-address the powers of the other members of the Seven.

When ranking the abilities of different supes on Reddit, fans would of course start by ironically (at least we hope for some irony to be there) placing Chace Crawford's Deep on top. First of all, it's about his formidable intellect. Secondly, some fans borderline seriously argue that the Deep could actually challenge Homelander when in water, even though it's difficult to imagine the two in such a scenery.

But jokes aside; it turns out that Homelander's domination could actually be debated.

For instance, many fans wonder why A-Train is not considered one of the strongest supes in the show, given that he is literally capable of outrunning everyone – perhaps even Homelander if he didn't spend that much time in the buffet, you know.

Another potential candidate for the role of the strongest is Queen Maeve, whose powers are, albeit vaguely, comparable to Homelander's. Besides, she is praised by fans for "crazy durability"; in the final episode of 'The Boys' season 3, she even managed to make Homelander bleed.

Then there is Stormfront, who can also technically fly, just like Homelander, even though she needs her bolts to propel herself in the air.

It's also remarkable how pretty much everyone remotely capable to teeter Homelander's position has been taken out. A-Train is learning to live with a new heart after basically dying; Stormfront killed herself; and Queen Maeve has lost her powers in the finale of season 3 after tackling Soldier Boy.

It's almost like we only have one true hero left to challenge the narcissist, but he might be busy flirting with yet another octopus.

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