'The Boys' Theory: Soldier Boy Could Be After Starlight Following Her Bombshell Instagram Live

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Someone needs to be on the lookout.

With Starlight outing Soldier Boy as the culprit behind the deadly explosions, while also exposing the rest of the Vought for their wrongdoing, fans fear that Annie January might be in danger.

She might need to be careful, especially when it comes to Soldier Boy, because he is likely to hate her for what she said during her Instagram live. Things could escalate up to a point of Soldier Boy killing Starlight at the end of the season.

"Definitely a plot twist considering most people have been predicting Hughie might kill her by mistake, but what if he was actually helping and working alongside the guy who ultimately does it?" a fan wrote on Reddit.

Starlight decided to make a bold move in the end of 'Herogasm', taking to Instagram and shedding light on the Vought, while also distancing herself from the company. She rescinded her superhero name and said she "f***ing quits".

Soldier Boy, who is responsible for having already killed quite a lot of people with his energy blasts, is yet to feel the impact of her bombshell revelation.

We will get to see his reaction pretty soon, with a new episode of 'The Boys' dropping this Friday. A week later, season 3 is going to wrap up in a potentially epic finale which may or may not include even more gore and violence than the entire season in general.

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