'The Boys': Will Maeve Die in Season 3 Finale?

'The Boys': Will Maeve Die in Season 3 Finale?
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Queen Maeve's demise might come in the next episode, but fans aren't ready to let go of their favorite superheroine just yet, hoping she throws at least one last spectacle.

Queen Maeve changed a lot during the third season, going from being Homelander's loyal sidekick to a real hero, supplying Billy Butcher with a super-serum and spying on her former masters. So, of course, fans became alarmed when Homelander finally learned of her actions and sent Black Noir to capture Maeve and imprison her in a secret facility. Not much has been known about Maeve since then, but she is sure to appear in the season finale, where her fate will finally be revealed.

In the original comic book series, Maeve died rather ingloriously – Homelander ripped her head off after realizing she was trying to protect Starlight. And while it looks like Amazon Prime decided to expand her storyline from the original, Maeve is bound to die at some point in the future.

"My 'obvious' prediction is that Homelander kills Maeve, but I'm convinced that the episode will end with Frenchie dying whilst 'dream a little dream' plays over the credits." – /BlazingInfernape2003.

Discussing this prediction on Reddit, fans eventually came to conclusion that Maeve won't not die in the upcoming season 3 finale after all, speculating that Black Noir is going change his mind and save her, causing Homelander to get mad at both of them.

"Black Noir frees Maeve since he likely knows where she is and we get a showdown between The Boys, Noir, Maeve & Starlight vs Homelander, Soldier Boy, Deep & A-Train." – /grunt221.

Moreover, some theories are even more surprising than this one, as fans offer really curious ideas about the upcoming fourth season and Maeve's potential (and quite melodramatic, according to at least some of the fans' theories) role in it.

"Maeve is going to learn she's pregnant with Butcher's child. She was ready for everything to be over and ready and willing to die... but she's gonna have to rethink everything after learning she's pregnant. And next season, Karl Urban is gonna show a ton of acting range portraying Butcher as the guy who wanted to kill all supes, until he learns he's about to have a biological son who is a supe." – /DownloadUphillinSnow.