The Curse is Real: Justice League Continues to Ruin Its Actors' Careers

The Curse is Real: Justice League Continues to Ruin Its Actors' Careers
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The DCEU Justice League is dead, continuing the curse of the famous super team in live action. The biggest windfall? The careers of its actors.

New co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran promised to "focus on the future," and their first step in that was stripping down what was already created. And just like that, another live-action Justice League has been scrapped and its actors left in limbo.

The 'live-action Justice League curse" has been haunting DC projects for decades.

  • Henry Cavill left his fan-favorite role in The Witcher because he believed he'd come back as Superman. After losing both roles, his only notable upcoming project is Warhammer 40,000 – a role of which fans still lack any details.
  • Gal Gadot's next few years revolved around her third solo movie and the promise of a new Justice League. She has a few biopics in the next couple of years, but nothing as popular or profitable as Wonder Woman.
  • Ezra Miller has no upcoming projects other than The Flash next year. Mixed with their own legal issues, their career looks a little bleak.
  • Ray Fisher had his breakout party in Justice League as Victor Stone, but was left underused and has little on the horizon.

Even for those like the established Ben Affleck, the end of the Snyderverse kills most of their future plans – at the very least, they're all scrambling for their next notable role.

Is this the first instance of the curse working? Of course not. In 1997, CBS aired an unsuccessful pilot called the Justice League of America. Critics and fans hated the pilot and all plans for the show were terminated immediately. It had plot holes, bad effects, and costumes that looked like a college student's film project.

The show was meant to be the big break for its cast, but it never saw the light of day.

Actors like Matthew Settle, Kenny Johnston, and Ron Pearson would have been immediate household names with a successful JLA project. David Krumholtz was trying to leave behind his family-friendly roles for an action-oriented one. After the failure of this terrible pilot, they never got the chance.

Justice League: Mortal never even made it to production. It was set to be made in 2009 and directed by Mad Max legend George Miller. Production issues and the success of Christopher Nolan 's The Dark Knight quickly shut the project down.

Armie Hammer (Batman ) ended up with his big break in The Social Network a year later, but actors like Adam Brody (The Flash) missed their chance to break into blockbuster films. D.J. Cotrona expected the Superman role to explode his career, but his peak ended up being a lowly secondary role in 2019's Shazam.

With the death of the Snyderverse, another Justice League project has quickly fallen to shambles. The brand itself is taking a hit, but Gunn and Safran are adamant that they'll rebound.

But the careers of its actors will take years to recover, as DC has ruined a few more acting careers in the wake of the live-action Justice League curse.