The Deep's Sex Life Gets Even More Disturbing in 'The Boys' S3E7

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Yes, there are still limits to push.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'The Boys' episode 7

If you have been wondering if The Deep is as disturbing with his sexual preferences as he was, the answer is yes, and it gets worse with every episode.

It's almost like the superhero has a bucket list of bizarre things to do to sea creatures. Over the course of season 3, The Deep has already eaten an octopus, had sexual fantasies about an octopus, and then brought these fantasies to life in 'Herogasm'.

Most recently, The Deep decided that he has to share the "joy" of having sex with sea creatures… with his wife Cassandra. So he brought an octopus to their bedroom in order to "spice things up".

According to The Deep, the octopus was more than ready for a threesome, thinking that Cassandra was "superhot". For your information: Cassandra was clearly not ready to reciprocate.

Fans no longer seem to be shocked by The Deep's odd preferences, rather growing annoyed and disgusted with him. After The Deep had blown yet another chance at fixing his life, 'The Boys' viewers are now rooting against him, asking the creators to just "be done with him" already. Well, not everyone: some still hold some kind of hope for The Deep. Or, you know, a slight interest in his story arc:

"I wonder if this is going to make deep go off the deep end (pun intended) or make him a better person. At least to the audience he’s always the most likable when he’s the dude nerding out over fish so maybe that part of him can take over with his wife gone, or maybe without someone to keep him in check he goes back to sex offender mode." – /Crosroad.

Given that the season is approaching the finale, there can hardly be anything more disturbing than an attempt to slide an octopus into your marriage.

But you can never be sure. Next Friday, July 8, 'The Boys' return on Prime Video with an epic season finale.

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