'The Flash' Reported Batman and Superman Cameos Don't Sit Well With Fans

Image credit: Legion-Media

The fate of the upcoming DCEU 'The Flash' movie is already in question, considering an ongoing controversy around Ezra Miller who is playing the titular role and the reported overhaul of the DCEU that Warner Bros. execs are said to be eyeing.

'The Flash' is expected to feature cameos by Christopher Reeve and Adam West as Superman and Batman respectively, TMZ reported, citing unnamed movie leakers.

According to the outlet, the cameos in question are not going to involve any deep-fake technology or other VFX means of bringing the characters back (since both Reeve and West are dead), but it would rather be archive footage crammed into the modern world of Flash. The scarlet speedster is reportedly going to dash through multiple universes and see Reeve's and West's superheroes in action.

But it does not look like the idea is welcomed by fans.

Many have blasted the DCEU for attempting to capitalize on nostalgia, while also apparently copying Marvel's take on the idea of a multiverse.

However, even TMZ emphasized in its report that it is unclear to what extent can the cameo claims be trusted, given that the studio is trying to balance the ongoing Ezra Miller controversy and the possibility of the DCEU overhaul.

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