The Good Doctor Has Basically Made Its Own Finale Unwatchable

The Good Doctor Has Basically Made Its Own Finale Unwatchable
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They didn’t need all these people to make a point.


  • The Good Doctor is an ABC remake of the medical K-drama of the same name that premiered in 2013.
  • Though the original show had only 1 season, the US version ran for 7 seasons, ending this May.
  • While fans are finding it hard to say goodbye, they are also unsatisfied with the way the show handled its final season.

Although many people judge a show based on its premise or cast, it's the finale that will go down in history after the show is over. We have all heard of Game of Thrones or How I Met Your Mother, and while these shows are great and still lauded, their legacies are forever ruined by terrible endings.

The same thing could happen to The Good Doctor, the ABC procedural that will air its final episode on May 21. Though the show had a solid run and every chance to end on a high note, fans believe the writers made a satisfying ending impossible by adding too many new characters at the last minute.

Why Is The Good Doctor So Bad?

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After 7 seasons, The Good Doctor will air its final episode in a few weeks, on May 21st. Though many people only know the show from the various memes and wide online discourse that followed it the minute it went viral, the procedural has its own superfans. And they will certainly miss seeing Dr. Shaun Murphy on their screens.

You would think that fans of The Good Doctor would be all over the final season, trying to get every last second with their favorite characters. However, the joy of being with them for another chapter was ruined for many by the newest additions to the team.

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Each of the newcomers has found their own way to get on the viewer's nerves, but it's Charlie who is causing Shaun the most trouble, and the fans the most annoyance. However, some people are adamant that the problem goes much deeper than just a couple of new characters.

As Redditor Bright_Eyes8197 pointed out, the changes to The Good Doctor's scripts have been gradual, but hard to miss overall. They shared their thoughts on the show's writing on the r/thegooddoctor subreddit, in response to someone who was unhappy with the new characters.

“Sadly I feel like the writing got worse as the years went on. The first two seasons were the best and then it got really boring. Then add on top of that all the breaks and skipped weeks it loses it's continuity and it's momentum,” they said.

Unfortunately, the hiatus situation is beyond the control of series executives. If anything, it has affected every show that had to come back on the air after the strikes, but the majority have managed to deal with this crisis. The Good Doctor just naturally reached its ending point, and there’s nothing to do about it.

If you want to see how the story of autistic medical prodigy Dr. Shaun Murphy ends, be sure to tune in to ABC every Tuesday not to miss another episode.

Source: Reddit