The Good Doctor’s Finale Teases Yet Another Heart-Shattering Plot Twist

The Good Doctor’s Finale Teases Yet Another Heart-Shattering Plot Twist
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And it may have a huge impact on the main character in so many ways.


  • The Good Doctor ’s final season has been on air since February and already made so many fans gasp in shock after several devastating events, but the series’ disheartening plot twists are very unlikely to be over yet.
  • The latest episode teased another major character’s possible death in the show’s finale.
  • If The Good Doctor indeed follows the fans’ biggest fears, the main character may be impacted by this in many different ways.

ABC’ The Good Doctor is about to wrap it all up with the seventh season’s final episode that is coming to the screens on May 21, but the show doesn’t seem to be done with shocking dramatical plot twists at this point.

The series has recently shattered its fans’ hearts by Asher’s senseless and tragic death, but the upcoming episodes are likely to mourn not only him, but yet someone else — and, however weird it may sound, this character’s fate is even more deplorable.

Like any other show, The Good Doctor has been saying goodbye to certain characters and then introducing new ones, but some have always been there since the very beginning. It’s not the case of only doctor Shaun Murphy, portrayed by Freddie Highmore as the character’s mentor, Dr. Aaron Glassman, whose role in the series went to Richard Schiff, has never gone anywhere since season 1.

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Glassman has been a role model for Shaun all along and the latter did prove his loyalty back in the first season when Glassman was struck by the news that he had brain cancer.

Being an experienced doctor himself, Glassman knew what it all meant — and so he just gave up firmly believing that there was no remedy that could potentially relieve his pain. The reason why he kept his way through the whole show of 7 seasons safe and sound was Shaun’s persistence in looking for some other kind of treatment that could help Glassman.

Pushed by his disciple, Glassman eventually went into remission bringing some kind of happy ending to his initially tragic storyline, but the show’s finale is very likely to take this problem back to the screen.

Throughout season 7, Glassman is shown like a cat on hot bricks as he was impatient about getting some lab results. It wasn’t yet revealed whether those concerned him personally or one of his patients, but, given the tough health condition he had to go through, it would make a lot of sense if Glassman still was up for frequent check-ups to make sure the cancer hadn’t returned.

Such a drastic plot twist with Glassman getting his brain cancer back again seems even more plausible given how nervous he is in the latest episode while asking someone on the other side of the line whether they were sure about the results’ accuracy.

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The character’s possible death in one of the following episodes seems to be a very controversial moment for Shaun himself. He would definitely be shattered once again after Asher was gone quite recently — and shattered even more given that Glassman was the one that introduced him to everything that he is doing at the moment.

Contrariwise, his mentor potentially leaving his place for Shaun would become a huge incentive for the latter to carry on Glassman’s legacy — even though he surely wouldn’t deserve such an end after all.