‘The Gray Man’ First Pics: Chris Evans' Mustached Look Seems to Grow On People

Image credit: Legion-Media

Chris Evans having a mustache was an era in and of itself, with haters and lovers. And it looks like the latter are winning.

On Tuesday, the Internet was blessed with some new stills from the upcoming movie 'The Gray Man' starring Rege Jean-Page, Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas and Chris Evans. The new pictures providing a first look at their characters were shared by Entertainment Weekly.

And there was a certain something about Evans that quickly drew all the attention. Yes, this look – some call it the cursed one, some think it's iconic – is back.

Elon Musk buying Twitter? Good Lord, who cares, when there's Chris Evans with a mustache.

Seems like even those who initially despised Evans' mustache ended up making peace with the look, admitting that Chris is able to make anything – even this – look good.

'The Gray Man', directed by Anthony and Joe Russo who have already worked with Evans on the set of the 'Avengers' saga, is scheduled to release on Netflix on July 22. The movie will be a mercenary adventure, with Evans' character Lloyd Hansen unleashing a manhunt on Ryan Gosling's Court Gentry, a CIA black ops mercenary who is hiding from the agency after unveiling its dark secrets.

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