The Greatest Glee Injustice Was Actually The Most Realistic Part Of The Show

The Greatest Glee Injustice Was Actually The Most Realistic Part Of The Show
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And even that part was soon fixed to the most unrealistic standards of this show.

Since the end of Glee, the show has been catching strays for all sorts of storylines it abused during its run. Unfortunately, the show that changed many lives for the better is now known for being a satire of high school life on the same level of insanity as Riverdale, but with a few good covers as a bonus.

One thing that bugs viewers the most is that Glee refuses to show a bit of realism, even for the storylines that could actually be better from it. And those times when the writers thought of something that could be a great learning lesson, they had to change it because of pressure from the fandom.

One of the storylines that showed the injustice of the adult world in the most perfect way was Kurt's audition for NYADA. Although both he and Rachel were equally excited to get into the university and both were equally deserving, only one of them was destined to get in.

What bothered Kurt's fans the most at the time was that Rachel got in despite a lack of discipline and dedication, but with the support of her ex-boyfriend Jesse St. James, while Kurt did everything in his power.

This is exactly why it was so important to show the story: all those teenagers who were raised to believe that their hard work and talent could take them anywhere in life would have been destroyed without a realistic portrayal of failure.

Who deserved to go to NYADA more?

While opinions on that storyline may differ, those who cheered for Kurt still got to see him kill it in class, and that twist also taught everybody the importance of not giving up after the first rejection. After all, we can't all be Rachel Berry in this life, just imagine how unbearable such a world would be.

If you feel like you need a confidence boost, you can go ahead and re-watch Glee by streaming it on Hulu Plus or Disney Plus.