The Heartbreaking Reason John Travolta Was Crying At The 2023 Oscars

The Heartbreaking Reason John Travolta Was Crying At The 2023 Oscars
Image credit: Legion-Media

The 95th ceremony of the Oscars just recently took place, and it had some amazing movies featured this year.

We're pretty convinced you've already read all about it, but right now, we're not talking about the Academy Awards themselves: this year's Oscars saw an incredibly sad and mournful scene.

The Oscars ceremony always has a so-called In Memoriam segment. It serves to pay tribute to those actors and actresses who passed during the previous year, and this year, it was John Travolta who took the stage to honor them.

But he was not just doing his job: Travolta was clearly shaken and devastated as he introduced the segment.

The past few years were not kind to one of the most brilliant men in the film industry. In 2020, he lost his beloved wife, Kelly Preston; then, this year, two of his close friends and colleagues passed away — Kirstie Alley and Olivia Newton-John.

They were both featured in In Memoriam 2023, and this fact definitely took its toll on John Travolta.

As he was speaking, Travolta struggled to read the text from the teleprompter.

He was shaken, tears dripping down his face, and seemed to be in real pain, speaking about the ones the industry and he personally lost this year.

The introduction of In Memoriam was obviously painful for the actor, but he still did it to honor his friends.

At the end of his speech, Travolta gave his own tribute to the people he loved.

"They've made us smile and became dear friends ... who we will always remain hopelessly devoted to," said the actor with tears in his eyes before coming off the stage.