The Last of Us' Bloater Considered a Sex Icon Now (Yep, You Read That Right)

The Last of Us' Bloater Considered a Sex Icon Now (Yep, You Read That Right)
Image credit: HBO

You would think the Bloater from The Last of Us is supposed to be disgusting and should scare the audience to death? Instead, he's now got a lot of fans. In all the ways.

For some, it only takes a single TV show or movie scene to make them stars overnight – or even sex symbols.

In some cases, it doesn't even have to be their outward appearance that makes them so appealing to the audience; sometimes, even a single character trait is enough.

The HBO hit series The Last of Us now has its very own sex symbol, found in the weirdest of places. Mind you, that's not Joel's portrayer Pedro Pascal ( all daddy memes aside).

Fans seem to be fired up for the Bloater that appeared for the first time in the fifth episode. No, that's not a joke, however bizarre that sounds. Apparently, a lot of viewers have been big fans of the massive Infected since his first appearance.

At least that's what the British stuntman Adam Basil revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

The 6'6" tall man, who has worked on projects like Game of Thrones and Venom: Let There Be Carnage, has put on an incredibly detailed costume for the role of Bloater, which alone weighs around 100 pounds.

If you thought until now that the creature was completely computer-animated, now you can be rightfully amazed.

But Basil was so much more surprised by another fact: the messages he has received via Instagram since episode 5 of The Last Of Us aired.

The Bloater "seems to be a bit of a sex icon," as Basil told EW.

"Someone asked me if I'd come to their wedding. I've had people sending me love messages…He's the big daddy mushroom," reveals Adam Basil what you will never be able to unhear or unsee.

The unorthodox affection that the Bloater receives couldn't go unnoticed by the Internet.

"I'll wear his costume to the next Furry convention and let you guys know if it works or not," Redditor MagicMushroomFungi jokes around (or do they?).

And while Reddit people are getting out of their way to coin terms like "Bloatai" and "Cordysexuals," we will just leave it at that.