The Last of Us Episode 2 Creepiest Death Leaves Fandom Divided

The Last of Us Episode 2 Creepiest Death Leaves Fandom Divided
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How can something be both disgusting and amazing?

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for The Last of Us episode 2

Basically, few fans of The Last of Us will think of Tess' death as a spoiler; in fact, her demise is something that kicks off the story and begins Joel and Ellie's perilous journey. However, the HBO show has certainly made some changes to the way Tess dies, and it's not something you want to watch over breakfast.

Because yes, Tess dies while sharing a disgusting "kiss" with a zombie after being infected — only to blow up the entire building and take out a bunch of the infected.

This scene has sparked a lot of debate in the fandom, with people discussing whether Tess's death in the videogame or the show was more impactful and convincing. Some feel that the "zombie kiss" scene (as much of a choice as it was) was much more powerful than what the video game had to offer. In the game, Tess simply tells Joel and Ellie to leave and then gets shot, though it is she who convinces Joel to take Ellie with him because of her apparent immunity to the infection – unlike in the show.

"People saying her game death was heroic... No. She was practically instantly shot and that was that. Was the "kiss of death" scene disgusting in the show? Yes. But it went out with a bang. Pardon the pun. She took out a whole bunch of infected. That, to me, was more bada**," said Twitter user _Sylvan_Wolf.

Not everyone agrees, however.

"Loving the show but hard disagree. I thought the scene was so much better in the game. And hearing her die in the background while you're playing as Joel was perfect," argued Twitter user Bogey_Zero.

Still, fans give the show some credit for managing to make Tess's death suspenseful, even if it wasn't a surprise.

"The fact we knew that she was gonna die and they still made it suspenseful of "Is she gonna go out heroically like the game or is she gonna die for nothing because the lighter isn't sparking" was so good," noted a fan on Twitter.

Still, many people feel that the "zombie kiss" part was unnecessary and out of place. The only part that everyone agrees on is how uncomfortable it was to watch, even though many viewers would clearly be ready for more shocking scenes like that.

The Last of Us premiered on HBO on January 15th. New episodes arrive every Sunday on the platform.