'The Marvels' Plot Leak Explains Major 'Ms. Marvel' Finale Twist

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Looks like we now know where Kamala Khan ended up.

Warning: the following article contains unconfirmed possible spoilers for 'The Marvels'

'Ms. Marvel' has surely left fans anxious when Kamala Khan and Carol Danvers apparently switched places in the post-credit scene in the finale. As does any cliffhanger, the scene never explicitly explained what happened and what kind of repercussions it caused, leaving people in anticipation for the issues to be resolved in 'The Marvels'.

However, a plot leak posted on Reddit shed some light on what happened – even though one has to keep in mind that the leaks do not necessarily reflect the final version of the movie. According to this one, at some point in the movie the three superheroines – Carol, Kamala and Monica Rambeau – will be switching places every time they try to use their powers.

Kamala will be thrown by the unknown power into the peace summit between the Kree and the Skrulls, while Carol and Monica will try to fight off the Kree soldiers. The ending scene from 'Ms. Marvel', the leak claims, is a direct shot from 'The Marvels', when everyone (including Nick Fury) except Kamala ends up in the Khan living room.

When Carol leaves the house and tries to fly off, she and Kamala switch places again, with Kamala suddenly falling down from the sky. Monica, however, manages to save her – only for Carol to switch places with Kamala once again before the landing.

Things do seem to be pretty confusing, as the plot leak does not explain what causes the switching. But the phenomenon is what will have them sticking together, according to the leak, because they are not able to control it. It would be reasonable to suggest that the similarity between their powers is something that causes the switching.

There are hopes that the final version of the movie will make it clearer. 'The Marvels' is set to hit theaters on July 28, 2023.

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