'The Marvels' Reddit Plot Leak Reveals The Main Villain

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And it does not seem to be too different from the one from 'Captain Marvel'.

Warning: the following article contains unconfirmed possible spoilers for 'The Marvels'

There is a possibility that Captain Marvel, as well as Photon and Ms. Marvel, are going to face off with a Kree general Dar-Benn as their main villain, according to a Marvel insider Daniel RPK.

Zawe Ashton will reportedly be the one to portray Dar-Benn. The actress is listed as part of 'The Marvels' cast but her role has not been officially confirmed.

According to a plot leak posted on Reddit, Dar-Benn started to perceive Captain Marvel as her enemy when she witnessed Carol Danvers attacking the Supreme Intelligence. The Kree refer to Carol as "The Annihilator" – something that Danvers, naturally, does not enjoy.

The plot leak also claims that Dar-Benn owns a bangle similar to the one Kamala Khan uses to unleash her powers in 'Ms. Marvel'. It is not clarified how Dar-Benn got her hands on the bangle.

In order to rebuild her planet Hala, Dar-Benn is stealing resources from other planets using a new weapon that allows snatching atmosphere, sun and water through portals. These portals destabilize the universe and create a potential threat of incursion.

While the plot details are not official and may differ from the final plot of the movie, fans took issue with the villain, who they deemed to be way too similar to what we have already seen. And they do have a point: yet another Kree villain going against Carol Danvers does seem a bit unoriginal.

"Okay so literally just a female version of the last villain. Getting less and less excited for this film lol." – @nigeltrc72

Many suggested that Ashton would have been better as Deathbird – a supervillain from Marvel comics who rivaled X-Men.

Still, it might be too early to form an opinion about the movie a year before its scheduled release. 'The Marvels' will premiere in theaters on July 28, 2023.

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