The Mind-Blowing Theory that Redefines Mission Impossible 2 As A Spy Tale

The Mind-Blowing Theory that Redefines Mission Impossible 2 As A Spy Tale
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The worst part of the Ethan Hunt action series takes a surprising twist.

Mission: Impossible II, released in 2000, failed to live up to fans' high expectations. Neither the legendary Chinese director John Woo nor Tom Cruise, already a superstar at the time, could save the movie from a cold reception from audiences and critics.

The second installment of Ethan Hunt's adventures was plagued by terrible editing, plot holes, and abysmal acting. But to redeem all that, Redditor cfbethel recently suggested that Mission: Impossible II was not the true story of an American spy, but a myth told from agent to agent.

The fan notes that the second installment has more incredible and ridiculous action than the other Hunt movies. Ethan fights outrageous battles, goes through fire and water, and doesn't ever lose his remarkable style when encountering enemies.

It's worth noting that the rest of the franchise has never referenced this film, except for MI:3, which explains the voice modulator strip on Ethan's neck. Hunt evolves with each movie, so it's hard to imagine this calculating and intelligent spy carrying out an extremely dangerous mission this way.

So, according to the Redditor, the agent did take the mission, but the story as told in the movie is someone else's retelling of Hunt's legendary adventures.

The general narrative is true: an IMF agent stole a dangerous virus and tried to sell it, and Ethan was hired to stop the villain. To do this, the spy recruited a professional thief — the antagonist's ex-girlfriend — and used her to get close to the bad guy. Ethan thwarted his plan and saved the world once again.

But because it's a myth, many aspects of the operation to disarm the villain were seen as underdeveloped and ridiculous. As the fan theory goes, every time someone adds to and embellishes this legendary story, it becomes more and more like a fairy tale.

Do you agree with the Redditor's theory?

In other Mission: Impossible movies, characters often describe Ethan as a chaos that cannot be stopped. As a result, it is likely that other secret agents might have created their own lore about the iconic spy.

Source: Reddit