The Mistake All Harry Potter & Narnia Fans Made Is a Decade-Old Fan Theory That Makes No Sense

The Mistake All Harry Potter & Narnia Fans Made Is a Decade-Old Fan Theory That Makes No Sense
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Despite being no more than a game of fantasy, it still blows everyone’s minds.


  • Some wild Harry Potter ’s fan theories have been circulating in the media for a while now with one of them connecting another famous book series to the wizards’ world.
  • Fans still wonder whether J. K. Rowling got inspired by C. S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia while creating Harry Potter’s world.
  • Though the theory itself may seem close to being true, the author herself never confirmed it.

The Harry Potter franchise came to its official end back in 2011 when the last film of the series was released in theaters, but devoted fans have never stopped finding its peculiar connections with other big literary stories ever since.

One of the latest theories even has to do with C. S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia — and it could have made sense if it was true.

A huge discussion broke out after someone posted a video on TikTok about a year ago — there they were explaining how exactly Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia’s universes can be intertwined. Thus, according to the user, Hogwarts’s four house’s founders were directly inspired by C. S. Lewis' main characters, four Pevensie children.

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The user went on to explain the peculiar theory in more detail. As they suppose, the founders’ outstanding traits that later determined each house’s individual values curiously correspond to each of The Chronicles of Narnia’s children’s personalities: Peter shares Godric Gryffindor’s courageous and adventure-hungry character, Lucy is as kind and loyal as Helga Hufflepuff, Susan’s sharp mind and intelligence come as Rowena Ravenclaw’s resemblance, and finally Edmund’s self-centered and ambitious personality makes his match with Salazar Slytherin.

Though the fan theory may still seem pretty much plausible after such a detailed explanation, it still stays non-canonical. J. K. Rowling herself has never confirmed anything like this, yet several times confessed to being a fan of C. S. Lewis' story that she grew up with.

Thus, it’s still something that only the Harry Potter’s author knows and the options here are variable, including the one which means that it’s a 100% coincidence.

J. K. Rowling may have had some loose guiding lines while creating Hogwarts’ founders and trying to make them differ from one another — but these lines may also come from Rowling’s other favorite books that we don’t know about.