The Most Absurd Thing About The Watcher Is Not Even Its Frustrating Finale

The Most Absurd Thing About The Watcher Is Not Even Its Frustrating Finale
Image credit: Netflix

Although the ending is still one of the most irritating things in the show, according to fans.

It turns out that Netflix 's The Watcher has a lot of things that drove fans crazy — not just its bizarre finale that first gave people their closure and then took it away.

According to a new Reddit thread, there were plenty of things in The Watcher that just don't come together when you think about them. For instance, the decision to rip out those "perfectly fine white marble countertops" because of being afraid to stain them with red wine pasta sauce — only to install butcher block? Really?

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Besides, the way the Brannock family spends money just drives fans crazy — not least due to how inconsistent it is with their own words about their budget.

"How [on earth] they keep affording to move back and forth between a mansion and what appears to be an expensive townhouse in NYC. First they say they put all their money and assets in the new house and then, boom, back to a townhouse that can easily cost millions. Also, the 7000 dollars they pay for security… they say they cheaped out on 12 cameras," Redditor rispondi fumed.

You think the absurdity ends here? Think again. Another fan had their eyebrows raised at how weird the Brannocks' neighbours behaved.

"The full grown adult that breaks and enters into the house to ride the dumbwaiter because he's been allowed to do it with all the previous owners. Or the psycho Mia farrow snapping on the home owners for making changes to their own house. Lots of absurd things in this series," Redditor skydaddy8585 argued.

The bizarre inconsistencies and errors just kept arriving before they were finalized with what people had already deemed to be "the worst ending ever". After weeks of being stalked by the mysterious Watcher, the Brannocks' private detective reveals herself as the stalker — only for the viewers to know that she lied simply to give the family closure.

The only thing that kind of excuses the show is the fact that it is based on true events, and the actual stalker has also never been found. But when Netflix teased people with the supposed resolve and then snatched it from them, fans went furious.

If you want to see for yourself, then The Watcher is available for streaming on Netflix starting October 13.