The Most Heartbreaking Death in HoTD E6 is Arguably The Saddest on the Show

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Can someone in this show just happily deliver a baby?..

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for House of the Dragon episode 6

Ten years after the events of House of the Dragon episode 5, we're back again in Westeros, and things are just as dramatic as they used to be. Oh and by the way, all the characters you grew attached to are in grave danger again.

Among many familiar faces, we once again see Laena Velaryon, who seems to be happily married to Daemon Targaryen and has two kids with him. Another one is due; however, the labor does not seem to be very easy, and the doctor ends up proposing to Daemon something very similar to what King Viserys greenlit when it was about him and his wife Aemma.

Daemon refuses when he knows that this will kill Laena. However, she appeared to have made the choice herself: she gets up and goes to her dragon, Vhagar, to beg her to end her suffering with dragon fire. Reluctant at first, Vhagar finally executes the order as Daemon watches it from behind.

Heartbroken, fans still celebrated the bravery of Laena.

"Laena chosing to die with her child on her own was hearbreaking but was her choice and powerful one. While that doctor was talking only about the child Daemon was concerned for Laena first. The differen[c]e from his brother," Twitter user elaaott noted.

Another Twitter fan, hemanth767, was glad that "Daemon didn't make the same mistake his brother did", and "Laena got to die on her own term instead of her husband's."

It's actually quite unsettling that the most heartbreaking deaths in House of the Dragon happen to be taking place during labor. Laena was one of the fan favourite characters, and people really hoped to see more of her and her relationship with Daemon and Rhaenyra. However, the show appeared to have chosen another path for House Velaryon — and it looks like it's only the beginning.

In the books by George R.R. Martin Laena's death was handled differently: she was at Driftmark when she died, with Rhaenyra being there too. Laena's death happened after she gave birth to a stillborn; having been unable to deal with the tragedy, Laena became depressed and, struggling with sickness, died, trying to reach Vhagar one last time.

House of the Dragon is streaming on HBO Max. New episodes arrive every Sunday; and there are four more to come before the season one wraps up.

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