The Most Underrated Piece of Teen Wolf Lore, According to Reddit

The Most Underrated Piece of Teen Wolf Lore, According to Reddit
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Of all the mysterious things going on in the series, fans chose one piece of lore as the best.

The story of a sleepy California town filled with werewolves, wendigos, and other ancient mythical creatures premiered on MTV back in 2011, and fans instantly fell in love with teenage werewolf Scott McCall and his pack of unusual friends.

Throughout the six seasons of the series, the young outcasts battled all sorts of villains while learning more about themselves and each other. With no shortage of interesting plotlines and captivating characters, Teen Wolf became a phenomenon among young adult stories influencing dozens of other series in the process.

The show's writers have always sought inspiration in the mythology of different peoples and countries, incorporating concepts from Native American beliefs and reinterpreting characters from Japanese, German, and other cultures. This approach has been praised by viewers who like learning more about the world through entertaining stories.

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Now, it looks like fans have the answer to what was the most underrated piece of Teen Wolf lore, and it may surprise some viewers: the Kitsune was chosen as the most interesting concept — and it's not hard to see why.

The Japanese fox spirits first appeared in season three, causing some drastic changes in the world of Teen Wolf.

Foxes have been around for centuries, getting more powerful every year, so their resemblance to werewolves is rather superficial. And that's why fans liked them so much: after following only the werewolves for so many episodes, it was refreshing to see a completely different creature on screen.

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Different Kitsunes have different looks and powers, and some have the power of void or thunder. They are tricksters, which makes them great and amusing characters, but these spirits are also difficult to be friends with.

So why do fans believe Kitsunes were underestimated in Teen Wolf?

It looks like the series' creators didn't know what to do with them, so Kitsunes became just another clan of mythical creatures among many other kinds of supernatural beings featured in the show.