Biggest Mistake Teen Wolf Writers Made in Season 6 (Sorry, Stydia Fans)

Biggest Mistake Teen Wolf Writers Made in Season 6 (Sorry, Stydia Fans)
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It's no secret that Teen Wolf revolves around werewolves and mystical events surrounding the small town of Beacon Hills. But besides all things supernatural, there's also plenty of romance, as is customary for any popular teen drama.

While there may be numerous fascinating relationships in the hit series, not many were as developed as Stiles and Lydia, whom fans have nicknamed Stydia. However, despite Stydia being massively popular in the fandom, many fans think the show's writers made a huge mistake when it comes to season 6.

Throughout the seasons, we followed Stiles and Lydia's relationship, as their friendship turned into a romance. The pair quickly garnered many fans, who looked forward to seeing them evolve more and more with each episode.

However, as much as most people adored Stydia, many felt like season 6 only catered to the die-hard fans of the couple, and it didn't fit the narrative the showrunners had been building up until that point. In their opinion, the only objective of the entire season appeared to be making Stydia happen, with everything else pushed to the sidelines and other relationships suddenly forgotten like they never happened.

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While the duo clearly shares a connection, what the fans have an issue with is that there was no evident indication of anything other than platonic on Lydia's part until the final season. And let's not forget that Stiles used to have a one-sided childhood crush on Lydia, which he got over eventually and managed to build a good friendship with her.

This sudden move felt like the characters were reduced to a relationship as fan service for the last season, instead of portraying growth as individually strong characters. The storyline also came off as rushed and forced, as there was no build-up.

In fact, fans are suggesting that there was a much better opportunity to develop this plotline in season 3 and make it a slow-burn love story that would feel much more natural and believable.

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Instead of the direction the show creators took, which fans have dubbed 'bad writing,' viewers are adamant the season should've focused more on Stiles and Scott's friendship.

Since the very first season, their strong brotherly bond has been an integral part of the show. Suddenly, they didn't even seem to be that close during the last season. And at the very least, it would've been fitting to see Scott feeling like something was missing.