The Office Actor Who Wasn't So Happy Being Stuck Up In A Sitcom

The Office Actor Who Wasn't So Happy Being Stuck Up In A Sitcom
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Becoming a fake paper company employee wasn't Rainn Wilson's dream.

The Office is truly one of the most iconic TV shows we have today. Everything about it seemed so in sync: the plot, the characters, even the show's cringeworthy moments (and if you're a fan, you know there are many) made the show totally worth watching.

But let's talk more about the cast. It seems that there couldn't be a more perfect choice of actors for the characters of the show. John Krasinski 's Jim "the indifferent one", Mindy Kaling's Kelly aka "the crazy one" and all the others just fit so well into the show that it feels like pure magic.

Watching the show and some of the behind-the-scenes moments, we always got the feeling that everything was just the way it was supposed to be. But all this time, one cast member wasn't feeling that right, and to the shock of many fans, it's Rainn Wilson.

As perfect as he was in his character, it never occurred to fans that he was uncomfortable playing someone on a sitcom, even in such a successful one. Still, he did an incredible job portraying salesman Schrute.

"He's the only one that 100% wants to be there. It makes him happy! And thus he is probably the only one without some degree of self-loathing, and with more courage than his co-workers," Redditor curioussection said.

But Rainn Wilson's dream has always been to be a big movie star. He confessed in the interview with Bill Maher that he was actually unhappy for many years while he was a part of The Office crew. And the reason for that was this obsessive thought that "it wasn't enough".

After a while, though, he finally made his piece and ended up being absolutely happy and proud of his work. And why wouldn't he be? Dwight is absolutely amazing!

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