The One Death That Ruined The Walking Dead For Die-Hard Fans

The One Death That Ruined The Walking Dead For Die-Hard Fans
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There was no shortage of sometimes meaningless death on The Walking Dead over its 11 seasons run, but this one easily takes the cake.

The death count in The Walking Dead series numbers in the dozens – and that's only if we're only talking about the main, really important characters that viewers have had time to become attached to and emotionally invested in. Not surprisingly, over time – and the show has been on the air for 11 consecutive years – the effect has smoothed out somewhat, with character deaths shocking viewers less and less. One character death, however, is still remembered by fans, and not without a reason: it infuriated viewers so much that many decided to stop watching The Walking Dead after it altogether.

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The viewership numbers have been declining steadily for quite some time, but it all began in season 7 premiere with the brutal moment of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan killing Steven Yeun's Glenn violently. The writers' decision to kill Glenn off was met with rage from die-hard TWD fans, many of whom decided that it was high time to stop watching the show for good. The backlash was enormous: first TWD fans were teased with the fake out with the dumpster in season 6, and then, after months of "will they kill Glenn or won't they?" and a particularly nerve-wracking cliffhanger came the extremely brutal death scene.

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The scene itself was so ugly, for some viewers this brutality alone was the reason to finally stop watching the show. Indeed, nothing could prepare The Walking Dead fans for that moment and the very fashion Glenn was killed off in: Negan wielded a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, so the result was particularly gruesome. Many viewers were simply grossed out by the scene, having decided right then and there that the show's completely ruined for them.

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After Glenn's death things quickly turned for the worse; an enormous drop in quality led to massive decline in viewership number, and The Walking Dead wasn't the same after that, with somewhat butchered storylines, Negan war getting really boring really quick, and viewers rapidly growing tired of the same plot twists repeating over and over again.