The One K-Drama That Was Dropped By Almost Every Fan (For Many Reasons)

The One K-Drama That Was Dropped By Almost Every Fan (For Many Reasons)
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How bad can a show be that you stop watching it in the middle of the run?


  • The first episodes of Strong Girl Namsoon were good and promising, but later something went wrong.
  • Fans abandoned the show mainly because the overall plot no longer made sense.
  • The characters were poorly written, so fans lost interest while watching.

It doesn't happen very often that viewers, after starting to watch a show, decide to quit because it's gone bad. At least, it almost never happens to us because, well, there's always this desire to find out how the show will end. So we survive through the bad acting, the terrible writing, and the not-so-interesting plot just to find out how it all works out.

But sometimes torturing ourselves is not the best idea. Apparently, there is one K-drama that even the most hardcore fans of the South Korean TV industry find impossible to finish. The show is called Strong Girl Namsoon, and it is officially (as Reddit states) the worst K-drama of the year.

Surprisingly, the show started out great. The plot was engaging, the crime drama seemed to be captivating because of its premise. The show focused on a girl with superpowers who was lost as a child, but then made her way back to Seoul to find her parents. She somehow finds her mother (who is conveniently a super-rich businesswoman) and her grandmother.

The three of them are reunited, and it turns out that all of them have the same super strength powers.

How Things Have Changed for Worse?

The One K-Drama That Was Dropped By Almost Every Fan (For Many Reasons) - image 1

There are many things that the audience disliked about the show. One of them is the fact that after several first episodes, it felt like the stories of the mother and grandmother became bigger than the story of the main female lead. Therefore, she stopped growing as a character, and it did not work out well.

Another thing that annoyed the viewers was actually the mother's personality. Fans felt angry when they saw her behavior towards her children, since her son was also involved in the whole story. Which, by the way, was also said to be boring.

“Loved the first several episodes but the storyline seemed to drastically switch and I wasn’t interested. I hated the villain intro because he was given next to no lines so I felt disconnected and didn’t care. I also hated her brother’s storyline. Maybe it got better, but I had completely lost interest in all the rest,” Redditor AlabasterBx said.

Things started to heat up when the names of three women were somehow connected to a drug case that detective Gang Hee Sik was investigating at the time. But even the action-packed drama elements could not save the show from being a total failure. And as it turned out, the end of the series wasn't worth watching either.

“Quite literally the worst drama I've seen till the end tbh. I dropped it a while back and just checked back in to see the ending. It did NOT get any better. Felt a bit insulting to watch it like how dumb do they think their audience is,” Redditor __strawberry__ said.

Well, if you want to form your own opinion on the matter, you can stream Strong Girl Namsoon on Netflix and then let us know if you agree with what we think or not.