The One Thing That Sent Tom Welling Over the Edge Filming Smallville

The One Thing That Sent Tom Welling Over the Edge Filming Smallville
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Sometimes it's about the smallest things.

Tom Welling might have been reprising a superhero role in Smallville, but sometimes he felt like he actually needed to be a superhuman to deal with the harsh filming schedule.

Speaking with Michael Rosenbaum on his podcast Inside of You, Welling revealed that something as simple as the need to drive himself was the final straw that had him over the edge. The Clark Kent actor revealed that "most of the days" at work were those kind of days when he felt the need to pull over because he was so tired.

"Because we drove ourselves to work," Rosenbaum recalled, "until the cast got together and said 'Tom has to have a driver'".

Welling agreed, jokingly adding that he was "going to die" if he wasn't assigned with a personal driver. Once, the actor even got pulled over by a cop — because he was so irritated with a car in front of him going slow he honked.

"He made me sit there for a minute to almost teach me like "calm down, slow down", never gave me a ticket," Welling shared. "I needed to hear that right there."

The actor said that he constantly felt "out of his mind tired" — an occurrence that is unfortunately not that rare among actors who have to drive themselves to work.

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Luckily, Welling did not have to go through something like that. Smallville, a superhero teen drama following the story of Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman before he becomes the Man of Steel, wrapped up on The CW in 2011 after ten seasons on air. This Saturday, Welling is set to reunite with his Smallville colleagues Kristin Kreuk and Erica Durance during a New York Comic Con panel, scheduled for October 8, 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM.