The Oscars: 10 Highest-Grossing Best Picture Winners of All Time

The Oscars: 10 Highest-Grossing Best Picture Winners of All Time
Image credit: Legion-Media

Adjusting for inflation, these box office giants are basically unbeatable.

When the Oscars roll around every year, everyone's eyes are on which movie will win Best Picture because it's like the biggest award a movie can get, showing it's not just a hit with critics but with audiences too, often raking in tons of cash at movie theaters all over the place.

These winning films aren't just movies; they're the ones that people talk about for years, the kind you might watch over and over, or the ones that parents tell their kids, "You have to see this"; it's like they become a part of everyone's movie collection at home.

Looking at how much money these winners made, especially after adjusting for how ticket prices have gone up over time, is pretty cool because it's like seeing a map of how going to the movies has changed, from the days when getting a ticket was super cheap to now when you might think twice about the price; it shows that these films didn't just win an award, they won people's hearts enough to get them off their couches and into the theaters.

So, this list is going to shine a spotlight on those Best Picture winners that didn't just impress the critics but also made a splash at the box office, proving that sometimes, the best movies are also the ones that everyone went to see, sharing laughs, tears, and popcorn in a dark room with a big screen.