The Proposal Curse in Bridgerton – Will Season 3 Finally Break It?

The Proposal Curse in Bridgerton – Will Season 3 Finally Break It?
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Relationships and marriages are at the center of the Bridgerton storylines and two seasons in, we're left hungry for more.

One thing that has characterized the relationships so far, however, are the abysmal proposals. Will things change when Colin and Penelope take center stage in Season 3? Let's look at the proposals we've seen in Bridgerton so far.

Season 1: Daphne Bridgerton and Simon, the Duke of Hastings

Daphne and Simon's relationship was the focus of Season 1 of the Netflix original Bridgerton, which aired on 25th December 2020. The initial match between them came about as they both aimed to satisfy their needs to not marry other people.

However, things take a turn when Daphne and Simon are caught kissing in the garden by Anthony. In the Regency era, this sort of behavior could, if released into wider society, ruin the Bridgerton family name.

As such, Simon is required to marry Daphne and protect her honor or face Anthony's wrath in a duel at dawn.

Season 2: Anthony Bridgerton's proposal to Edwina Sharma

Anthony proposes to two different people in Season 2 – and to two sisters nonetheless! Did Anthony's proposals fair better than Simon's in Season 1? Not quite…

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Anthony seems to propose to Edwina impulsively as he is troubled by feelings developing for Kate. Since Anthony doesn't want to marry for love, proposing to Edwina suits his narrative.

Anthony has a duty (and social pressure) to marry and since Edwina tells people he is going to and also tells Kate she's in love with him, Anthony follows suit.

Was it the romantic proposal fans are looking for? Not in the slightest! Maybe his second was better?

Season 2: Anthony's proposal to Kate

Towards the end of Season 2, Kate and Anthony (dubbed 'Kanthony') realize their feelings for one another. After a night of indiscretion, Anthony decides to apologize to Kate and propose. However, she has an accident, and he is forced to wait.

When he does go to see her following the accident, he brings her tulips, confesses to her and makes a somewhat haphazard proposal that, once again, fails to impress.

Kate informs Anthony she intends to go back to India once matters with Edwina are resolved.

Season 3: Will Penelope have a better proposal from Colin?

As fans are readily aware, Season 3 will focus on the relationship between Colin and Penelope. Fans are keen to see how this will pan out and whether or not they'll see a better proposal this time.

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Ultimately, time will tell! However, *spoiler alert* those who have read the book say not to hold your breath for an improved proposal.

That said, Netflix has form to change things – Anthony didn't even propose to Edwina in the books, so we'll just have to wait and see!