The Reddit Empire Strikes Back with Their Hilarious Recast of Star Wars

The Reddit Empire Strikes Back with Their Hilarious Recast of Star Wars
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Attempts to recast of characters from various movies and series are not an uncommon pastime on Internet. And many of these collective flights of imagination involve various degrees of hilarious craziness.

Look, for example, at this noteworthy Reddit recast. Why it is noteworthy? Because it is about recasting Star Wars characters as Muppet versions of themselves.

A decent number of ideas got proposed.

A Muppet Mace Windu – just imagine him telling Anakin he hasn't been granted the title of Master, with the typical stern Mace Windu look, but on a Muppet face. Han Solo, except played by a Muppet incarnation of Mark Hamill doing a Harrison Ford impression.

In fact, Han Solo earned the most suggestions for a single character – not only him acting as a stone-cold smuggler that he was in A New Hope would be really funny with a little Muppet body, Han's mannerisms on a Muppet would in general be hilarious. Similarly, Cassian Andor from Andor series as a sad-looking Muppet, reproducing Diego Luna's non-verbal acting would be amazing.

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Of course, there also were suggestions that some characters would make great Muppets because they already look like Muppets, sometimes made as more of a good-spirited jest, as in the case of Grand Moff Tarkin, sometimes with more bile, as in the case of Rey.

Miscellaneous candidates included Poe, Babu Frik, Holdo and others. But who was the most notable candidate for Muppetization? Well, Han Solo is a strong contender, but the title still probably goes to Anakin Skywalker.

"I don't like hands, they're coarse and rough and they get everywhere." Whether as Episode II-III Anakin, as child Ani, or as burnt-up Darth Vader, with scorched felt instead of skin, Anakin would make a great or at least a decent Muppet, and no other character had as many possible Muppet variations mentioned.

To think of it, given that Lego Star Wars games exist – and they are widely considered to be pretty good – the idea of a Muppet show with Star Wars character might be less crazy and outlandish than it seems at the first glance. Too bad that it is going to remain in the realm of fan ideas, at least for the remotely foreseeable future.