The Return Of The Kiss: Another Awkward Day For Disney

The Return Of The Kiss: Another Awkward Day For Disney
Image credit: Legion-Media

Pixar employees speak out and force the media giant to blush once again.

The controversy regarding the same-sex kiss from the Lightyear film seems to get its solution. The episode was originally removed from the movie, which resulted in Pixar studio employees speaking out yet again and questioning the principles of Disney.

Now it is all settled. The media giant re-added the episode with one of the characters, Hawthorne, kissing another woman.

The company CEO Bob Chapek explained it all in an internal statement. He suggested a public statement [of supporting LGBTQ+?] could be “weaponized”, while Disney still claims to “unequivocally stand” with its employees. The employees, though, do not seem to be pleased by such a two-faced behavior of the studio. However, the issue seems to be fixed. For now.

Of course, it is hard for Florida-based company to remain silent on the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, and to keep such episodes in its projects at the same time. Although we doubt there is any connection at all with the $570 mil. tax break.