The Richest 'Twilight' Stars, Ranked by 2023 Net Worth

The Richest 'Twilight' Stars, Ranked by 2023 Net Worth
Image credit: Legion-Media

As the "Twilight" saga continues to be a pop culture phenomenon, it's intriguing to see how its stars have fared financially since their time in Forks.

In this list, we're focusing strictly on the numbers – a straightforward ranking of the "Twilight " cast members by their net worth as of 2023.

From the actors who played our favorite vampires and werewolves to the creator of the universe herself, let's see who's leading the pack in financial success years after the final movie's release.

As of 2023, the cast members have seen varying degrees of prosperity. From the Cullens to the humans, each member of the 'Twilight' cast has carved out their own path in the entertainment industry, translating their vampire fame into a variety of roles and ventures. Some have continued to thrive in front of the camera, others have ventured behind it, and one even penned the story that started it all. Their net worths in 2023 are as varied as their careers post-'Twilight'. So, without revealing who's sitting atop the financial food chain and who's found more modest success, let's delve into the current net worth rankings of the 'Twilight' stars, and perhaps find some surprises along the way.