'The Sandman' Finally Fixes Long-Standing Injustice to Constantine Family

'The Sandman' Finally Fixes Long-Standing Injustice to Constantine Family
Image credit: Legion-Media

You might have been pronouncing the surname wrong this entire time, by the way.

Do you consider yourself an old-school 'The Sandman ' fan? Well, then you certainly know that "Constantine " is pronounced "Constantyne", not "Constanteen", don't you?

If the news shocks you, you are not alone: a lot of people, including long-time fans of Neil Gaiman 's graphic novel, were surprised when they heard the pronunciation of the iconic exorcist family surname in the new teaser for 'The Sandman' released by Netflix.

But when fans who knew it heard the correct way to pronounce the surname, they felt extremely rejoiced.

"You can tell Gaiman is involved – they finally pronounced Constantine correctly," one fan noted on Reddit.

It seems that this is a closure that a lot of people have been waiting for.

"My go-to pop culture annoyance has finally been rectified. Years I spent, YEARS, telling anyone who listened that it was constantly being pronounced wrong. What am I going to moan about now?!?" – /TheQBranchIntern

Indeed, in every screen adaptation that involved Gaiman's iconic exorcist John Constantine, his name ended up being pronounced in a slightly too frivolous way. In Netflix's 'The Sandman', however, Jenna Coleman's Johanna won't face such a problem: Gaiman is now in charge, and the pronunciation is fully canon.

'The Sandman', with the series author as executive producer on board, premieres on August 5, exclusively on Netflix.