The Top 10 Japanese Horror Movies That Out-Creep Hollywood Easily

The Top 10 Japanese Horror Movies That Out-Creep Hollywood Easily
Image credit: Toho, Daiei Film

Although Hollywood studios often refer to themselves as the King of Horror, citing box office receipts and positive critical reviews as proof of this statement, every horror fan out there knows full well that this statement is simply not true.

Sure, American scares are popular and beloved, but the glory days of Hollywood horror are long gone, and another country has emerged as the number one provider of all things scary.

We are referring, of course, to Japan, a country so talented that the entire world is addicted to its books, music, style, and movies. And while Japanese creators excel at many things, horror movies are definitely their strongest import.

Here are the top 10 Japanese horror films that easily out-creep Hollywood:

Unlike Hollywood directors, Japanese creators are not fond of jump scares at all, preferring to carefully and methodically build up the atmosphere of dread, using gore, suspense, and a sense of unease to scare the viewer senseless by the end of the movie.

And even if you have never watched a Japanese movie in your life, fearing that the language barrier will be too much to overcome, rest assured that the movies on this list are worth watching! The Japanese language only adds to the impeccable atmosphere of these movies, which will certainly delight you if you consider yourself a horror connoisseur.