The Top 10 Stephen King Films Ranked From Meh to Masterpiece

The Top 10 Stephen King Films Ranked From Meh to Masterpiece
Image credit: Legion-Media

Stephen King is a difficult writer to adapt. Though his books are easy to read and love, they are firmly rooted in the literary tradition, and untrained directors trying to adapt them often find themselves with poor scripts, since the real magic of King's work lies in his mastery of style.

In the last fifty years, however, a number of great King adaptations have seen the light of day, and we have decided to rank the 10 best of them:

Aside from being a talented writer, King is also a passionate movie buff himself, not shying away from slamming the movies based on his own material if he feels they are not worthy of his talents. So our decision to put "The Shining" at the top of this list will certainly not go down well with King's purists, as it is well known that the author hated Kubrick's film the moment it premiered and hasn't changed his mind since.

However, we believe that film adaptations don't need to be approved by the authors of the original book to be great, as the writers' interference could actually destroy the film.

It's one thing to write a great book, and it's another thing entirely to make a great movie, and directors should be allowed to cut and add some content, even if it might upset fans and writers.