The Top 12 British Horror Movies That Out-Creep Hollywood Easily

The Top 12 British Horror Movies That Out-Creep Hollywood Easily
Image credit: Legion-Media

While the horror genre is often thought of as purely American, with Universal's monster movies and the slashers of the 80s certainly lending credence to that bold claim, the UK has long since ended the conversation as the best horror country, remaining strong since the 1950s.

From folk horror and macabre drama to zombie apocalypse and adaptations of iconic books, British horror directors have always experimented with the genre.

Here are 12 of the best British horror films of all time:

Obviously, the 80's and 90's were rather poor decades for British horror, as fewer films were produced and those that were were completely overshadowed by American slasher films.

However, British horror came back in full force in the early 2000's when a younger generation of actors started experimenting with the horror genre and produced some truly disturbing films. Danny Boyle and his "28 days later " restarted the zombie craze that took over Hollywood for a couple of decades.

Also, the recent folk horror hype that started with movies like "Midsummer" proved once again that British horror is no laughing matter, as the genre was created and nurtured in Foggy Albion back in the 1960s.

British horror had style and substance, a combination rarely seen in major Hollywood productions.