'The Umbrella Academy': Are Luther and Sloane Really a Thing?

'The Umbrella Academy': Are Luther and Sloane Really a Thing?
Image credit: Legion-Media, Netflix

Luther Hargreeves not falling for one of his siblings? Impossible.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'The Umbrella Academy ' season 3

The Umbrella Academy's Number One is notorious for constantly having weird connections with people who are technically his siblings. After his dramatic love story with Allison, Luther has found a new love interest: the Sparrow's Number Five, Sloane Hargreeves.

To make things bizarre enough, the feeling is mutual: the two appear to share some chemistry from the very first moments of episode 1. This quickly escalates into a full-blown love story, with the two growing closer to each other with every new episode and eventually kissing.

Obviously, things cannot go too well for too long in 'The Umbrella Academy': in the season finale, when the universe gets reset, the Umbrella members lose all their powers, Luther (who happened to have been killed at some point of the show) comes back to life, only to find out that everyone from the Sparrow Academy is dead… except for Sloane. But her whereabouts are unknown – it looks like she disappeared.

Fans were divided about Luther's new love interest, with some people enjoying Number One finally finding his girl, and others clearly uncomfortable with how Luther sticks to his adopted siblings while searching for love.

"Why can't Luther fall for people who aren't his sister? Like I get that Sloane technically isn't his sister but she could have been in another universe bro go outside there are more girls I promise," – @lovequinnswife.

But people who claim that Luther and Sloane exercise incest are not exactly right, with many fans quick to point that out.

"need people who watch the umbrella academy to understand genetics RIGHT NOW? they really think reginald adopting kids makes them have his DNA??? are yall stupid or just 11 years old? now luther and allison are wrong cuz they were raised together but him and sloane are strangers," – @ROMANR0MANCE.

Well, at least this adopted sister appears to enjoy a lot more fan support as Luther's girlfriend compared to the previous one.

"Sloane and Luther being a thousand times cuter and having a thousand times more chemistry than Luther and Allison did in 2 entire seasons." – @fkaKarolinaVega.

Others actually wanted to see more of relationships between other characters.

"I'm only two episodes in but all i have to say is a lil less sloane and luther, a lil more jayme. cmon give the gays what they want," – @lunarbom.

'The Umbrella Academy' season 3 premiered on Netflix on June 22, dropping all 10 episodes to binge-watch.