The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Cliffhangers: Here's How They Might Be Resolved

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Cliffhangers: Here's How They Might Be Resolved
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We have enough cliffhangers to hope for season 4 renewal.

'The Umbrella Academy ' was always messing with fans' emotions as it introduced storylines and then ended them abruptly, while keeping everyone anxious regarding the main characters. This season was no exception: we have at least three major cliffhangers.

The Jennifer Incident

The death of Ben Hargreeves is a long-standing mystery in 'The Umbrella Academy'. We know that it happened during one of the Umbrella's first missions, but there were few details about it. Sir Reginald Hargreeves would pin the blame on his children, and Ben's death is generally considered the point of no return for the Umbrella Academy.

In season 3, however, we get to know that the fatal incident involved a certain someone named Jennifer.

Given that Luther refers to Ben's death as "the Jennifer incident", it would be reasonable to think that the Jane Doe is either the reason Number Six died or someone who he and the team were supposed to protect.

Moreover, Viktor spotted several paintings of Jennifer in the room of Sparrow's Ben, even though he claims to know nothing about his variant dying in the Umbrella timeline. Sparrow's Number Two (who at some point becomes Number One) remains mum about the paintings, and it looks like Jennifer will remain a mystery until season 4 is announced.

Where is Sloane?

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Now that the universe has apparently been reset, every member of the Umbrella Academy lives, including Luther and Klaus, who were murdered by the Sparrow version of Sir Reginald Hargreeves. Allison, however, is not seen with the rest of her family: still, we know that she survived as well, ending up with her daughter Claire and, surprisingly, Ray, her husband from the 60s.

Which is why Sloane, the Sparrow's Number Five, may be alive as well, even though she also does not make it from the elevator alongside the rest of the chaotic siblings. Luther is on a mission to find her, even though it might be very challenging for him to do: the world seems to be very different from the one the family was used to.

The Umbrella Powers

The reset resulted in another life-changing thing for the Umbrella Academy: they are no longer have their superhuman abilities. Number Five is unable to "blink", Luther got rid of his ape-like muscular physique, Viktor is no longer a living atomic bomb (might be for the better if you ask us), and Diego has his knives falling out of his hands.

It's unclear whether the siblings will try and get their powers back: in the end of the final episode, they scatter around the new universe, despite Viktor's calls to stay together. Diego and Lila seem to be ready to live a "normal" life with their baby, Klaus follows Luther on a quest to find Sloane, and Ben, Number Five and Viktor have nothing else to do but leave as well.

Sir Reginald Hargreeves – who is alive and well in this timeline, as is his wife – is seen observing them from one of the many skyscrapers that have his name on them. This world is clearly in his control way more that the two previous timelines.

Season 4, should it be announced by Netflix, definitely has a lot of space to develop the story and resolve the already existing mysteries – as well as hinting at the new ones. Because we suspect that there are plenty of them.

'The Umblella Academy' season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.