'The Umbrella Academy' Season 3 Might Get Really Dark For Klaus, And Here's Why

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As if two previous seasons were just a lovely walk in a park full of unicorns for Number Four.

Klaus Hargreeves is not only one of fan favorites in 'The Umbrella Academy', he is also arguably the most dramatic character in the series. With his disturbing gift of being able to communicate with the dead and sometimes even allow them to briefly come back to life, Number Four found his relief in alcohol and drugs, deciding to practically never get sober.

However, such a scenario has proven to not be very useful when your chaotic siblings are desperately trying to prevent the world from ending, because one of them, say, blew up the Moon. Which is why Klaus started to sober up from time to time, allowing himself to communicate with the dead more and even interact with them physically.

While it's still unclear what season 3 holds for Klaus, comic books have definitely addressed his drug abuse extensively. In Book 3, he hits rock bottom and suffers a near-death overdose – worse than anything he went through before.

Some fans have already suggested that even though the show is based on comics loosely, this storyline will eventually get "leaked" into the show, with Klaus having to face his darkest moments in season 3.

"Considering the Dave storyline was left very un-resolved at the end of S2 I'm gonna guess Klaus finds him in some VA retirement home, having survived the war in this timeline. However, this time he'll either 1) be completely bitter and resentful towards Klaus for turning his life upside-down then disappearing or 2) have dementia and have absolutely no memory of Klaus at all (which I feel would be more devastating for Klaus). So he'll have to deal with both Dave and his Ben being, in effect, dead and un-summunable while their living antagonistic copies of them casually walk around hating him," – /nicathor.

One may remember, however, that pretty much every season has given Klaus a hard time: from trying to make peace with his scary gift to his daddy issues, Number Four appeared to bury himself in different types of intoxication. Besides, he always felt guilty about keeping Ben in the world of the living, even though he was supposed to go to Heaven.

With Ben being pretty much alive and very different in season 3, it might only make things worse for Klaus.

But the only way for us to find out is to wait until the new season premieres on Netflix on June 22.

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