The Walking Dead Fans Absolutely Hated this Negan Line in Season 11

The Walking Dead Fans Absolutely Hated this Negan Line in Season 11
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The Walking Dead returns to AMC after a four-month mid-season hiatus. Season 11 will be the last, and fans have seen a wildly different cast from that of Season 1.

Negan in particular has had an extraordinarily severe character arc. Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character first appeared as a villain in the Season 6 finale. In time, Negan has become a main cast member and a borderline protagonist. He does, however, still have his moments.

One of those moments came in the season premiere, "Acheron: Part 1," in a moment that's caused some fans to hate Negan all over again.

Stakes have been raised in the final season: Danger still lurks among the undead while our heroes are quickly running out of food. In the midst of all the fear and struggle, Lauren Cohan's Maggie and Negan continue to build on their complex relationship. Negan keeps finding ways to offend Maggie.

At one point, Negan tells Maggie that he didn't come all this way to die like a dog, the way Glenn did.


Maggie is the widow of Glenn, and if he died like a dog, Negan's the one who put him down. In fact, Glenn's death was the audience's first interaction with Negan. At the end of Season 6, the show left us on a massive cliffhanger as Negan stood menacingly in front of the lined-up protagonists as he wielded a spiked baseball bat. In the Season 7 premiere, he chose Glenn as his target. He bashed in Glenn's head as Maggie, among others, watched on.

Fans took to Reddit to voice their opinions on the controversial line.

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For many, the initial reaction was shock. This was the first time Negan had so much as said Glenn's name, years after he'd brutally murdered him. It showed that despite joining the main cast and being a character the audience begins to root for, Negan is still cruel at heart.

Several thought that it simply made no sense given Negan's character arc. Whether because he'd grown as a person or out of self-preservation (being a murderous psychopath doesn't lead to many people wanting to help you during a zombie apocalypse), this type of behavior seemed to be behind him.

Whether the line made sense based on Negan's character arc or not, there was one common thought among Redditors: It's okay to hate Negan again.

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Catch the final episodes of The Walking Dead on Sundays. To catch more of the Negan and Maggie relationship, the miniseries spin-off Walking Dead: Dead City will be released in 2023.