Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reveals Craziest The Walking Dead On-Set Moment

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The Walking Dead has been filled with several shocking moments and revelations that transformed it into one of the most influential TV series of all time. Now, as the iconic AMC series sums up its final 11th season, cast members have been disclosing some of their personal favorite memories from the show.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the infamous villain Negan, recently shared his craziest moment from the set of The Walking Dead. The actor joined the series later in its development yet swung his way into an unforgettable performance at the end of season six. Negan, who wreaks havoc on the group of apocalypse survivors, initially wasn't presented with many details regarding the story, or which characters he would target.

In fact, the 56-year-old actor admitted to NY Times that he wasn't even aware of which beloved character he would eliminate from the show: "I remember Michael Cudlitz (Abraham), coming up to me like, 'Do you know who you're killing? I'm like, yeah, Glenn! It's in the comics! He was like, 'Do you think you're killing anyone else?"

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Morgan admitted that the suspense and shock value is part of what made The Walking Dead such a hit TV series. Cast members have witnessed everything from family members being brutally beaten to taking slashes to the jugular. Consequently, after the season six stunner was revealed to audiences (along with the rest of the cast), Morgan returned to a cold reception:

"When we came back in September for the seventh season premiere," Morgan explained, "[Shooting] was picking up right in that clearing with everyone still on their knees [from season six]... On the whole, it was a weird vibe. I thought those guys hated me."

Co-star Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie on The Walking Dead, actually refused to speak to Morgan throughout the duration of shooting season seven. "Lauren actually didn't talk to me for about a year, other than like, she would nod at me when she walked by. That was her method as an actor."

In the same interview, Lauren Cohan opened up about her craziest moments on the set of The Walking Dead: "There were times where I physically threw up after we filmed certain scenes because it was that visceral," she confessed. Nevertheless, Cohan found that the experience on set contributed to what it would be like in a real-world apocalypse. "The whole atmosphere of the show – it was so hot, and we were all just surviving, just like the characters," she added.

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While both actors reveal they are not ready to say goodbye to the series, they'll reunite soon. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan are slated to star in the upcoming spinoff, 'The Walking Dead: Dead City". The mini-series takes place in post-apocalyptic Manhattan. Meanwhile, fans can catch the final episodes of the three-part, 11th season, on AMC.

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