The Walking Dead: Dead City Will Completely Change the Way You Look at Negan

The Walking Dead: Dead City Will Completely Change the Way You Look at Negan
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...At least according to the newest fan theory shared on Reddit.

With the spinoff dedicated to Maggie and Negan finally revealing a first look at the main characters, fan theories are already arriving on what the future holds for the two Walking Dead frenemies.

According to one of them, things might take a completely unexpected turn. For instance, Maggie could easily turn into a villain – here's how, as broke down by Reddit user ZestyPirate2000.

"I foresee something going like this; Hornsby or someone gets a hold of young Herschel, and Maggie is determined to get him back. Negan, having confessed to the boy how he killed his father, sees this as a opportunity to really attempt to mend the relationship with Maggie by helping save her son. His wife is obviously not going to let him go alone with Maggie [...], and they [...] go and try and save Herschel. Along the way something happens to Negan's wife; either she dies or at the very least she gets injured in some manner by Hornsby or commonwealth soldiers, and Old Negan starts to come to the surface," the theory suggests.

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When Negan will inevitably catch himself being driven by revenge and about to slaughter any villain responsible for the death of his wife, he might realize that he can be a better man and... let Maggie do the deed.

According to some fans, this could essentially set Maggie on a dark path, potentially setting stage for an even more dramatic spinoff. Just imagine Maggie, brave, fierce and so sure in her own right, as a villain, with tables turned and Negan having to fight her this time – now that would be something every The Walking Dead fan could get behind!

This would essentially be some sort of changing roles: Negan, who knows way too well what it is to be a sadistic villain, trying to contain Maggie, who many fans have been recently dubbing a Mary Sue, as an actual villain.

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As we can see from the first photos of the characters, both Negan and Maggie are going to have different looks, so why not different storylines? The thing about the two is how distinct they are from each other, with executive producer Scott M. Gimple describing the upcoming spinoff as an "epic hate story".

Consisting of six episodes, the first season of TWD: Dead City is set to premiere on AMC and AMC+ in 2023, with the exact release date yet to be specified.

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