The Walking Dead Ran Out of Steam, and Its Many Spinoffs Won't Help It

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AMC's The Walking Dead officially ended last Sunday, November 30, but it left a sour taste in every fan's mouth.

The grand finale was undoubtedly emotional and action-packed, just as the showrunners had promised. But we still have a few questions.

There were issues with the overall TWD writing, some thoughtful fans discussed at length what they saw as holes in the show's plot, such as why some use the walkers' blood as poison but people splattered with blood are fine, or how much of a person a zombie can eat.

Some characters disappeared and their fate was unclear. Fans were disappointed with the lack of action and too much talking and said the show was clearly in decline.

For the final episodes of season 11, the writers seem to have pulled themselves together. But still, the key question on everyone's mind is: what about the survivors? Well, these are clearly the characters who have long since secured their own spinoffs.

And it looks like that was the real basis for their survival. Nothing else. They survived to have a spinoff. It doesn't seem natural, does it?

Look, we have Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) with his spinoff in France. We also have Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan with his Dead City spinoff. Another one is for Rick and Michonne – they will find themselves in another world built on a fight against the dead.

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This one is funny – as we remember, Rick was among those whose fate was unknown when he disappeared in Season 9. But the moment we learned of his own special spinoff, we stopped worrying. See you soon, Rick!

There will be six TWD spinoffs in total: Fear TWD, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Tales of the Walking Dead, the Daryl France show, The Walking Dead: Dead City and the upcoming 2023 TWD Rick and Michonne.

The show has been around for a long time, 12 years to be exact. Which is a long time to be honest. While some critics argue that TWD shouldn't have so many spin-offs, especially after finding Tales of the Walking Dead really weak, others agree that it's high time to end the series and let the cast go their own way. You can't keep reviving even the most undead – no pun intended – show in the world. So, rest in peace!

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