The Whole Line-Up Of Villains Rumored For Future DCEU Projects Revealed

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It looks like DC Comics fans should brace themselves for a surprise, as several villains seem to have been confirmed for a number of upcoming movies.

The DCEU is trying to compete with the MCU to the fullest by greenlighting many high-budget movies and TV series, and hiring talented people like James Gunn to produce and direct them. Warner Bros. finally seems to be moving in the right direction, and despite some controversy, including Ezra Miller's inexcusable behavior and Amber Heard's role in 'Aquaman 2', the future of the franchise looks brighter than ever.

And avid DC Comics fans certainly have a lot to look forward to, as a prominent industry insider reported that audiences will finally see Ra's al Ghul, Lady Shiva, Ebon, Court of Owls and Brainiac in future DCEU films, whether already filming or just starting production. Now that's a lineup, isn't it?

Legendary villains like these are sure to be a terrific live-action spectacle, so Reddit users have taken it upon themselves to determine how and when exactly these bad guys could appear in a future DCEU movies.

"Lady Shiva for Black Canary

Ra's Al Ghul for a Deathstroke project? Or perhaps Black Canary as well?

Court of Owls for Nightwing

Brainiac for Supergirl or the new Superman movie?" – /West-Cardiologist180.

It's not yet clear whether this scoop applies only to the DCEU projects, or whether Matt Reeves' Batman movie sequel may also feature some of these villains. Fans, of course, hope that at least some of the characters will not be remade.

"Brainiac is probably for Supergirl and I hope Ra's is in DCEU. Not interested in seeing another grounded version of the character." – /slamdunksundayy.

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